25th of June

Photography Prices Roundtable Photographers in Clinton IL Dinner Meeting

Photography pricing is certainly one of the most difficult challenges that faces photographers in their businesses. For several years, the Central Illinois Professional Photographers have devoted one meeting a year to pricing, and it is always very well attended and one of the most requested meetings.

This year, the meeting was held in time for photographers to get a good jump on planning prices for next year. The Central Illinois Professional Photographers met on a foggy, rainy, chilly night on December 7, 2015. It was the first time to host a meeting in Clinton, Illinois, and everyone met at Snappers on the Square in downtown Clinton. It was great to have several new members join this time.

The meeting started off with introductions and getting to know all the new photographers attending, while everyone ordered dinner. Then announcements of the upcoming events planned for 2016 were made by Bloomington Clinton Photographer Denis Harsh, CILPP Vice-President. Next, members began asking questions about some of the general challenges that photographers have been facing in the area of pricing with great feedback from the members. It was an open and friendly exchange of ideas during the business dinner.

Following that, the photographers then broke into two smaller groups for some more specialized discussions. There are several areas that photographers specialize in, and each requires quite different pricing structures.

Photography pricing is discussed at two roundtables of photographers.

Photographers of Central Illinois casual dinner meeting in Clinton.

Quite a number of CILPP members either photograph weddings or specialize in weddings. Champaign Urbana Photographer Holly Birch Smith, CILPP Treasurer, headed up the group of photographers working with wedding photography pricing. Holly photographs a good number of weddings, and is well able to testify to her many experiences with current wedding photography pricing methods. Many brought their price lists to the meeting to receive further input.

Photography pricing is discussed by eight CILPP photographers.

Holly Smith, CILPP Secretary, leads a wedding photography roundtable.

At the same time, Emily Donohoe, our recently installed CILPP Treasurer, held another roundtable discussion for those seeking information and help with portrait pricing, which is vastly different from wedding photography pricing. With her previous career as a licensed CPA practicing public accounting, Emily is especially astute and diligent when it comes to pricing for profit.

Portrait pricing is discussed at roundtable.

Emily Donohoe (with laptop) CILPP Treasurer and CPA, leads portrait pricing roundtable.

Several members spent time with each of our photography pricing roundtables to get help and advice for both wedding and portrait photography pricing. As evident in the photographs of the meeting, everyone was deeply involved in the discussions, and everyone attending was able to receive some of the help they were looking for, plus meet some new friends. The pricing meeting is so valuable to CILPP members that another is planned already for 2016.

Three photographers talk about pricing at CILPP meeting.


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