30th of November


Well hello all! And Happy Wednesday to you! Today I thought I’d go ahead and share a little about this month’s Central IL Professional Photographers Meeting.We are so blessed to have such an awesome group of professional photographers who are members and regular attendees of our monthly meetings where we provide further education, inspiration, and ideas to the ever-growing photography community.

This month’s meeting was focused on post-processing. Basically everything that happens from the time you leave a shoot to the time you’ve completed your client’s project. Everyone has slightly different methods and approaches to the way they work and that’s what makes this field so exciting! We can all be unique and different, no two photo studios have to run exactly the same and different approaches work better for different people.

I was actually talking at this month’s meeting because we decided to use the live shoot we did in June to showcase the rest of the process. The reason the discussion of post processing is so important is because it’s easy to get sucked into the back half of the process. What I mean is – now that we have digital cameras and all our images are digital – it’s easy to get sucked into programs like lightroom and photoshop to try and make every image look perfect. You can spend HOURS editing an image and it not even be purchased. So the goal is to create a great looking image as quickly as possible so that you can be a profitable business… after all that should be your goal as a photographer – to run a profitable business.

We walked through my process, and gladly had the members share what they do differently, programs or actions or tricks they’ve found particularly helpful in speeding up their process and couples really great new products on the market to help speed up production time too! It was a great meeting full of great content, friendly conversation, laughter and fun! A huge thanks to Kellie Penn of Across the Miles for inviting us into her studio for this month’s meeting! It was perfect for this month’s group!

Photo Courtesy of Rebekah Albaugh’s Photo Booth Program 😉

Also I’m sure many of you are aware of the devastation that occurred in Washington, IL on Sunday and the large number of people who are now without homes and belongings. One of our members has started a benefit to help raise money for the people of Washington. It will be held at Allerton Park on December 15th. The plan is to have a baked goods, crafts, and other fun things for sale and all funds raised will be given to the victims of Sunday’s tornado. If you’d like to help by providing of your time and talents or take part in the festivities of the day – here’s a link to the facebook fundraising page: https://www.facebook.com/washingtoniltornadobenefit

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