28th of February


Last Monday was our first CILPPA meeting for the new year! We always start the year off with a meeting on pricing, which is a huge topic for professional photographers and something that many new photographers struggle with. What I love about our group is how greatly supportive we are of one another. It’s a great environment to share without fear of judgement. We had some great discussion on some of the things we struggle with in pricing and tried to help one another find solutions. We swapped price lists to help one another simplify our lists and help make them more easily understandable. And even discussed the pros and cons of packages vs a la carte and digitals vs products and session fees vs all inclusive.

We had a lot of new faces at this month’s meeting and it was so great to meet everyone face to face! And with such a diverse group we were able to split up into some of our newer photographers and the veterans and really help each other work out the kinks. If you are a photographer in the Central Illinois area, don’t miss our April 14th meeting, where the very talented Kara Kamienski will be speaking on how to book, shoot, and manage 40+ weddings per year.

Here’s just a tiny glimpse into our February meeting!

GTM_FebruaryCILPPA_0001 GTM_FebruaryCILPPA_0002 GTM_FebruaryCILPPA_0004 GTM_FebruaryCILPPA_0005 GTM_FebruaryCILPPA_0007 GTM_FebruaryCILPPA_0008 GTM_FebruaryCILPPA_0012 GTM_FebruaryCILPPA_0017 GTM_FebruaryCILPPA_0019 GTM_FebruaryCILPPA_0020 GTM_FebruaryCILPPA_0024 GTM_FebruaryCILPPA_0028 GTM_FebruaryCILPPA_0032 GTM_FebruaryCILPPA_00351

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